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New Skin Care Products I’m Using!!

So I’m definitely not a beauty/skincare guru or expert, but I am a girl in college who has tried tons and tons of products to try to make me, you know, not ugly…

I love trying new things and I feel like once my skin gets used to a product, it doesn’t really work for my skin anymore, which SUCKS. But that’s okay! Companies are constantly coming out with new products that might work for you better than the last one.

A year or two ago I tried anything and everything that people recommended to give them beautiful, flawless, skin. But, this past year people were getting exposed for recommending products they don’t even use themselves and in reality, the only reason their skin looks so good is because they get frequent professional facials or botox treatments.

So now, I feel like I can’t trust anybody. GREAT.

When skincare or makeup bloggers I like recommend certain products now, I take their advice with a grain of salt because one thing that I can say for sure is that…


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