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Our Weekly Wednesday In N Out Trips!

Every Wednesday this semester, my friend Liz and I are making the effort to have lunch dates at In N Out before our last two classes of the day.

Liz is one of my coworkers and we have become really great friends outside of work. She is a fashion blogger and a really good writer. I would not be surprised if she became a celebrity one day.

During our lunch dates, we talk about school, work, and just random things about each other’s lives. Every time we have these lunch dates, I feel like our friendship continues to grow.

My go-to In N Out meal is a double-double cheeseburger with fries and occasionally, I will order a vanilla shake when I feel the need to treat myself!

I hope next semester Liz and I can continue to have weekly lunch dates like these because I really look forward to them every week!

Happy Halloween guys!!!

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