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Ben Bridge Jeweler Company Holiday Party 2018!!


So this weekend was the Ben Bridge Jeweler Company Holiday Party!

I currently work at Pandora Jewelry and our store is owned by Ben Bridge Jeweler which gave us the opportunity to attend the Annual Holiday Party!

The event was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Los Angeles and it was very beautiful. My coworkers and I took many great pictures together and it was really interesting to see all of them not dressed in work attire for once.

We had a steak dinner and dessert was wonderful. After dinner, they recognized a few employees for their contribution to the company.

Being a Public Relations major, all I could think about as the event went on was how hard their PR team must have worked planning this event out. From the invitations to the decorations, I wondered how long it took for them to piece the event together.

I wondered if anything had gone wrong during the event that the PR team had to deal with discreetly. Probably not, it was a lovely event, but it is still intriguing to think about what went on behind the scenes.

Overall, I enjoyed the party and had a good time letting loose with my coworkers!

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