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Pandora “Fireside” Meeting Was Successful!!

Last night was the annual “fireside” store meeting where all of the employees in our store get together and talk business.

Even though the meeting is not technically “fireside”, it was given that name because it’s an event where all of the employees get to bond with one another and congratulate each other for their accomplishments the past year working.

This was my first experience at the fireside meeting and I enjoyed it! There was complimentary sweet treats, snacks, and drinks. We played a few fun games that allowed us to get to know one another a little bit more.

I think having a meeting like that every once in a while is beneficial because we do not necessarily always get the opportunity for the entire staff to be in the same room. I think it is important to have a good connection with everyone that you work with because a work environment thrives the most when everyone feels like they are apart of a team and family.

It was also nice having it right before the holidays – the busiest time of the year for retail stores – because our manager prepared us for what is to come.

Awards were also given out to a few employees. Liz won the “Add Master” award because she is consistently excellent at encouraging customers to find more products and pieces that they love! I received the “Turnover Helper” award for being very helpful when it comes to taking over for my manager when I am not busy with a guest so that she can be available and accomplish her managerial duties.

Everyone in the store has their own personal goals this holiday season and I hope we can all achieve them!

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