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Happy Birthday Eric!


This is my step dad Eric who is struggling from Lou Gehrig’s disease (also known as ALS) which is a nervous system disease that weakens muscles and impacts physical function in the body. So far he has lost almost all function in his hands and has much difficulty walking and performing every day activities on his own.

During the Super Bowl, he and my mom saw a commercial for the XBOX adaptive controller that has given the ability for handicapped kids to play video games regardless of their disabilities. My mom and I wanted to surprise him on his birthday yesterday with this controller so he could play his favorite video games easier as well.

I went to the Microsoft store a couple of days ago to go purchase this controller and I asked one of the associates if he knew which accessory was the one that one of the kids in the commercial was using with his feet so we could get the same thing for my step dad since his condition prevents him from being able to press buttons with his hands easily and the associate was unsure so he went to go ask his manager. The manager unfortunately was unsure what piece we were talking about as well and I said that was okay, hopefully we could figure it out another time.

As I was about to pay, the associate told me that their Community Development Specialist was in the store and heard about my step dad’s condition and that we were trying to surprise him so she wanted to gift the controller to my step dad at no cost for his birthday! I was in disbelief at how kind she was and how much she cared about the situation.

I still can’t believe how generous she was and it’s so refreshing to know there are good and kind people out there in the world!

@microsoft THANK YOU for making my step dad’s birthday magical and for hiring such kind employees that make differences in their communities. He loves his birthday gift and was in tears when he heard about this story. Thank you.

Happy Birthday Eric, we love you!

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