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Digital Media Project: How was your 2020?

Everyone has a unique story to share about what their life was like in 2020. I virtually interviewed three Orange County young adults in their 20s through Zoom about their 2020 experience. I thought Zoom was the perfect platform to interview on, given the circumstances 2020 brought the world. I used InShot to edit.

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Graphic Design Project: Adobe InDesign

In the Digital Foundations course I took, we were tasked with using Adobe InDesign to create a three-page magazine spread layout about student parking at Cal State University, Fullerton. I decided to add a unique spin to the story and highlight how student parking has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Click the ‘Download’ link below…

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Memo: Addressing Incivility Cases On Campus

This assignment was for my COMM 362 Public Relations Writing course. My team and I were tasked with putting together a memo to address incivility to President Virjee of Cal State Fullerton. (Click the link below for a PDF version of this memo) Date: July 05, 2020 To: Framroze Virjee From:  Brianna Hicks CSUF Student…

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Digital Media Project: Adobe Premiere Pro Video

This is a fun video my partners and I created for a class assignment. The assignment was to create an informative video that tells a story. We chose to film what a typical day at the Disneyland Resort is like for an average annual pass holder. I filmed the video, except for the parts that…

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Graphic Design Project: Typography Poster

This was a project I completed for one of my classes where we had to create a conceptual type design and layout, from scratch, using a quote of our choice. I chose this quote because I thought it was perfect to create an outline of someone’s eyes, hence the relation to the quote. I used…

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Travel: Celebrating our first anniversary in Vegas

A road trip to Las Vegas with your boyfriend isn’t so bad. Especially if you have to make an unexpected stop in Victorville because you borrowed his sister’s 2007 Jeep Cherokee that has a coolant leak you did not know about. Our original four-and-a-half-hour trip from Anaheim to Las Vegas turned into a six-hour trip…

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Profile: Jose Facio’s Birthday Wish

“By my 21st birthday, I am going to be skinny,” Jose Facio had said in summer 2017. Now two and a half years later, he reflects on that goal. Facio, 20, was always unhappy with the way he looked. When he began his freshman year of high school, he promised himself that he would finally…

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